Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First year report of activity in ASCETIS-(Association for Science , Culture, Ecology, Youth and Social Integration)

1.       Assumed  tasks in ECMYNN project
The project Enhancing Competences to Meet Young's Neets Needs (E.C.M.Y.N.N.) therefore wishes to focus on the youngsters aged between 16 and 29 that are not in employment education or training  needs:
- The need to improve the capacity of staff of organizations active in the youth sector to operate in favor of specific at-risk social exclusion and marginalized groups
- The need to overcome the traditional mold of the services offered for guidance, and the most popular professional consultation between the organizations active in the youth sector, whether public authorities, employment services, institutions and training organizations, support services .
The project activities will pursue two specific objectives:
- Improve the skills of the operators working in contact with that part of young users and the associated configurable as NEETs, and updating their services to be more suitable to the specific target
- Devise, promote and make arrangements for a range of new guidance services, professional advice and personal support that can prevent the evolution of young students or employees into NEETs , contain and respond to the emergency situations for " young NEETs " in its many facets.
The activities proposed to achieve the project specific objectives are :
• Design and online publication of Open Source Software ( O1 ) ;
• Survey on the problems faced by NEET ( O2 ) ;
• Analysis of the practices , to support the NEET tools and services ( O3 ) ;
• Design and implementation of training programs ( O4 )
• Experimentation and institutionalization of service ( O4 ) ;
• Dissemination of new services ( A3 )
The roles of ASCETIS in Ecmynn Project are : participation in the project as a  partner and organization of project activities in Romania, Neamt county,  collaborating to the achievements of project Intellectual Outputs. Specifically, the organization collaborated to I.O. 2, "Neets in Europe: a transnational Analysis", to the I.O. 3 “Survey” and, finally, the organization is going to start the implementation in Romania of I.O. 4 “Pilot Test”.
ASCETIS association is dedicating its activity to the education of youth with a special attention for NEETS.
The current activities of the association are : Formal education of youth for qualification ”Designer of web pages”; Nonformal education trough art , communication and volunteering ; Informal education for environment protection by publications, workshops, cultural events. We integrated our learners, teachers , youth workers and volunteers that been participating in our current activities into ECMYNN project first year activities.
Activities (list)
1.Participation in transnational meetings
2.Creating ECMYNN pages on social networks : Facebook , Linked-in and Blogspot
3.Calibration of the survey
4.On line diffusion of Survey and project goals
5.Research on the best methods that can met the NEETs needs identified by the survey and recruitment of the youth workers able to participate to the ECMYNN training for youth workers

1.In the first project meeting the project manager participated and got information about the project objectives , activities and assumed ASCETIS role in the project. In the second international project meeting we analyzed aspects of the project internal and external communication platforms and we participated to the improvement of our communication tools. A wiggio platform of the project was created . The manager participated also in a series of skype calls, during which internal documents had been created(i.e. agreements, monitoring guide, annual and monthly timesheet, internal communications etc). He made external communication activities also, as press relese , promotion of the project in local events  and released the link to Ecmynn Web Site, on ASCETIS  Home Page (
2. A Facebook group page was created for the project , on Linked-in the project was created also as a group . A blog on blogspot was created also for ECMYNN project .
2.      3.  We started with a preliminary analysis of the project context and we addressed with a preliminary research to a group of 10 of our NEET learners by using  specific tools as structured interviews and Open Space Technology. The socialization network Facebook offered us a very good way of study of  NEET needs.
We also found local silent partners that are suitable for sustaining us in the implementation , dissemination and follow up of ECMYNN project. We signed partnership agreements with ”Gheorghe Cartianu” High-school , Scoala Postliceala Sanitara Piatra Neamt and we got support also from the County Institute of Statistics Neamt .
3.       4. Another important step for ECMYNN project implementation in Romania was ECMYNN survey applied to 901 persons out of which 519 were NEETs. The big audience of our survey was gained trough the socialization network Facebook . Here we posted links to our survey on 1 groups created on Facebook for job placements , career counseling or just youth entertaining.

4.       5. After receiving the results of the survey applied at partnership level we started in our community a research on the best practices that can be used for a most efficient prevention and diminution of the NEET phenomenon . We found as good practices the multiple intelligence calibration of the learning activities , the coaching in the use of e-learning platforms , the volunteering activities . We recruited 3 youth workers from our volunteers that had experience in using of this good practices and we prepared them in order to participate to the project training program in Patras Greece .

Objectives /scope of the activities
The scopes of transversal activities are project management, financial and physical monitoring, evaluation, internal and external communication.
The scope of the activities carried on - as partner  organization - are the study of the phenomenon of NEET, the individuation of best practices, tools and methodologies adopted all over in Europe, in order to face the problem and finally, in the next six months, the testing of the services planned by each organization.

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