Friday, June 3, 2016

First year report of activity in the organization Comune di San Giovanni Teatino (IT)

2.       Assumed  tasks in ECMYNN project :
The roles of San Giovannni T. in Ecmynn Project are partnership lead partner and organization collaborating to the achievements of Intellectual Output. Specifically, the organization collaborated to I.O. 2, "Neets in Europe: a transnational Analysis", to the I.O. 3 “Survey” and, finally, the organization is going to be the lead partner of I.O. 4 “Pilot Test”.
But, above all, the activities of S. Giovanni Teatino - in the last years - dealt about Ecmynn project management, evaluation, financial and physical monitoring. In order to achieve these tasks, the organization made a monitoring and evaluation plan (Power Point Presentation and Emynn Scheda in annex), 2 project manager meetings, a series of skype calls, internal documents (i.e. agreements, monitoring guide, annual and monthly timesheet, internal communications etc). He made external communication activities also, as conferences press, participation to the Italian National Agency Events (1, in Pescara the 30 of March 2015) and 2 in Rome (the 30 of June 2015 and 2 of May 2016) and released the link to Ecmynn Web Site, on San Giovanni Teatino Home Page (

3.       Objectives /scope of the activities:
The scopes of transversal activities are project management, financial and physical monitoring, evaluation, internal and external communication.
The scope of the activities carried on - as collaborating organization - are the study of the phenomenon of NEET, the individuation of best practices, tools and methodologies adopted all over in Europe, in order to face the problem and finally, in the next six months, the testing of the services planned by each organization.
4. Activities (list)
·         -Conference Presse
·         -Transnational Meeting
·         -Ecmynn Platform lynk on San Giovanni T. Home Page
·        - On line diffusion of Survey and project goals
5.Description of each activity (2 sentences of presentation), the group/groups targeted ,results , impact on the target group

Conference Press, the 3rd of February 2015, in the Regione Abruzzo Palace in Pescara, there was a presentation of the project, with the intervention of Asssessore Regionale al Lavoro, M. Sclocco

The local press spread out the news, also:

1st Transnational Kick off Meeting (the 30 of June to the 3rd of July 2015). The news was spread out by the local media:

The publication of a section dedicated to the project, on San Giovanni Teatino Home page and the diffusion of the link of the project web The section was used in order to made the survey, a questionnaire direct to neet was published.  The survey involved about 181 Italian institutions and organizations (list in annex 1).  At these subjects are been send:
·         Request of publicity of the Ecmynn Survey
·         Presentation of the project with all the elements dealing with the Ecmynn platform and the link of the on line questionnaires (
About 14 of the these organizations released the news, on their web site and social page, and 2 Provinces (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Vicenza) diffused the news through their newsletter, that are send to the young people registered to Programma Garanzia Giovani (about 5.000 receivers). Here there are images about these activities:

Description: C:\FABRIZIO\LAVORI IN CORSO\Comune San Giovanni Teatino\Erasmus + KA2 SGT\Documenti di lavoro\IO2 Ricerca Sociale\Lettere Link Questionario\Annunci Pubblicati\Regione Toscana 2.png

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