Sunday, September 18, 2016

Working with NEETS experience What a NEETs counselor should know

  1.  I had written  this article from my experience in working with NEETS that come after a very long time experience in youth education .

  1.       NEETS are different one from another, they come with different background dif
    ferent cultures and different stories , they have different capacity of development and skills acquirement and different self-confidence.
     We have to listen to each of them , to be interested in each story and motivation they describe to us and to increase as much as possible their self-esteem.  
  2. .       We are models to the youngsters, we cannot ask them to do something we cannot do and we do have to demonstrate that what we ask them to do is possible. We have to advise them as much as possible from our self-experience and to offer them an example of success and to show that success come up for us after a long time work for self-development and education. We need to see ourselves in their places, to empathize with them in order to give the right advises.
  3. .        We have to be available any time for an advise , discussion and  encouragement . Facebook platform offers a very good space for this kind of counseling. The youngsters should feel that we are opened to them, we have to receive their communication that sometimes lack politeness with patience, kindness and a sense of humor that is always opening hearths. When we want to demonstrate that mistakes are human we can use ourselves as examples , we can use humor and self-irony .
  4. .       Do not give to NEETS hard work to do. They are liable to dropping out any job that looks too much for them. Give them work not so hard to be done that is quickly offering them tangible results. A nice learning platform I recommend for this is .Contests and voluntary work where they can get awarding and appreciation of their skills are also good for activating NEETS .
  5. .       Analyze all they can do and find what is most valuable and perfectible in their skills and abilities and encourage them to go in the direction where they may have success

  6. .       A career plan is important to be done in any work and academic guidance action but in the case of NEETS we have to see if they did not have already set career plans in the schools they finished and this plans did not failed. In the case of failure we have to approach the problem from a different view then before, to find a different system of development that will not come in conflict with the young person’s failure.
  7. .       We cannot apply long questionnaires to NEETS but we need to diagnose their situation. We have to learn to read their answers as verbal, nonverbal and para-verbal communication , to read between words, if we can connect with them on social networks and study on them without questioning is even better. They like to be advised but they do not like their situation and to talk about it. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ASCETIS is encouraging NEETS to become confident in their forces

ASCETIS is encouraging youngsters to discover their talents and to become confident in their own forces . 

The bureau opened 8 hours/day for NEETS career face-to face counselling is also open 16 hours on-line by the use of FACEBOOK social network of ASCETIS volunteers . A complete set of facilities including internet access, professional testing of competences and abilities, career guidance and counselling, coaching for individual study is totally functioning and is put at NEETS disposal into ASCETIS working point opened in partnership with Gheorghe Cartianu Technical College and Post Highschool Sanitary School from Piatra Neamt Romania . 

A contest for talented or skilled NEETS was launched during the summer of 2016 and it was promoted in the rural area of Neamt county and in the educational community dedicated to youngsters as well. in Comuna Bodesti in Comuna Dochia 
The services of  on-line counselling for NEETS were continued during the summer.