Sunday, June 19, 2016

First year report of activity for ECMYNN project in the organization CARITAS Archidiecezji Gdańskiej

CARITAS Archidiecezji Gdańskiej is charity organization of catholic church, working since 1990 in the area of social help. Main receivers of this help are poor people, children, teenagers, handicapped people, elderly and ill persons. Making use of European Social Found Caritas help disadvantaged people who are at risk of social exclusion – handicapped, long unemployment, to get in or back to work.
The roles of CARITAS in Ecmynn Project:
·         design and management of the platform
·         analysis of documents about the NEET issue
·         analysis of procedures, tools and services in support of NEETs
·         design and implementation of training courses
Objectives /scope of the activities
The scope of the activities carried on - as partner  organization - are the study of the phenomenon of NEET, the individuation of best practices, tools and methodologies adopted all over in Europe, in order to face the problem and finally, in the next six months, the testing of the services planned by each organization.
·         participating in kick off meeting in Italy - In the first project meeting the representative of CARITAS  participated and got information about the project objectives , activities and its role in the project.
·         recruiting people to the team working on the project
·         design the platform
·         participating in transnational survey – getting to the target group by putting sending link with questionnaire FB profile and sending it to Voluntary Labour Corps and  labor offices in Poland
·         analysis of NEETs best practices – research on the best practices

·         participating in learning activities in Greece 

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