Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Testing of new services dedicated to NEETS in Piatra-Neamţ Romania

ASCETIS association created a local network in order to test the NEET services that had been created during ECMYNN project .

This network is composed by rural halls , high-schools , associations and youth organizations from Piatra Neamt  - Romania . Inside of this network Colegiul Tehnic ”Gheorghe Cartianu” is the most important silent partner.

The project ECMYNN ,Enhancing Competences to Meet Needs of Young's NEETS” has as  final beneficiaries young people NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) young people who are not working and do not attend school or training.

With the support of Gheorghe Cartianu Technical College  management team and with volunteering  teachers help we created an open educational club dedicated to NEETS in an educational space belonging to the college.

The service we developed is an “Open club” with a daily program of 8 hours where youngsters looking for support , education , counselling and skills development can come any time they need.
The club was organized inside  Gheorghe Cartianu  high-school because it has to be easy to be found by the youngsters . The management team of the high-school  offered the space and the logistic of the club for no tax in order to develop this service dedicated to NEETS sustainable for a long time  .
Objectives of the services :  
                 - To offer a permanent support to NEET youngsters that are encountering difficulties
                 -To offer coaching for self development of NEET youngsters
                 -To offer language training for NEET youngsters
                 -To encourage NEET self development
The program of the club was flexible , each activity was organised function of the participating NEETs , their skills and learning needs .

The other partners involved in the project San Giovani Teatino City Hall from Italy  ,coordinator of the project at European level, Asocaţia non-profit "Caritas" from Poland, K.D.V.M. Atom from Patras, Greece Lynx Social Territory, S.R.L from  Italy, the  City Hall of San Saduriño Galicia-Spain collaborated with us for the design and planning of the new activity.
The need of granting more attention segment of the youth population (15-29 years) which are not engaged in education, training courses  and are not engaged in a legitimate form of work was put in evidence during out NEETs counseling campaign .

 It is necessary to strengthen social inclusion of young people (NEET) it was proved  a very objective and stressed need of young NEETs for a proactive approach by  stakeholders of the youth sector, including  educational and training institutions, formal and non-formal education associations, employment services and  youth organizations in order offer combined services: education-counseling-socialization-entertaining and job finding assistance .
In our local partnership created for implementation of the  project we  identified as young NEETs   that needed career  counselling 27 youngsters .

Among them we recruited 16 people which could  be considered NEETs  that could benefit from professional counseling, support and development of skills that would help them find a job or to continue their studies.  Moreover, we organized a talent and skills  contest for NEETs .

 The contestants  had filled  a form online, and we selected  young people that could be considered NEET from  Neamt county, and been happy to  benefit of our dedicated services.They received counseling and guidance for developing talents and soft skills and their hard skills had been tested , especially in their use in obtaining a job or to go in higher education institutions for  further studies.

 In talents and skills  competition  the evidence of their activity (photos, movies, documents) attesting their effort for gaining and improvement of  their skills and talents been taken into consideration in order to offer them awards and job offers.
Awarding was made inside the  Festival, of Frameworks,Talent and Friendship in 

The jobs , skills and friendship festival had been organized with all the contestants and during the festival the youngsters with best progresses been awarded , and job offers for them been made by the enterprises that accepted our invitation to participate to the festival.

In this festival, NEET young people involved in this project showed their talent to an audience of teachers and students of Gheorghe Cartianu Highschool and  representatives of companies  that offered them jobs. During the interviews the youngsters told to mass media  how participation in the project helped them to evolve by getting a job or further studies in the area of their skills and talents.

 The jury settled following winners:

-Petrică Motfolea Daniel (Web-designer) - received a job offer at the festival from a representative of an IT company
- Claudiu Micu (event organizer and environment protection specialist ) - continue his studies in the economics area
- Alberto-George Teodorescu (cameraman and IT specialist ) - achieved contracts for footage and web promotion  in  various events
- Ciomeică Ana-Maria (writer) - continues studies in entrepreneurial domain
- Mariana Toma ( food specialist ) - obtained a job in a small enterprise
- Cristian Ursache (writer and technician ) - obtained a job in a Sports and Bet company
- Almăşanu Tudor (translator and sales specialist ) - continues studies in the health domain .

-Ana Elisabeta Farcas (writer and technician) obtained a job in the advertising domain.


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