Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ASCETIS is encouraging NEETS to become confident in their forces

ASCETIS is encouraging youngsters to discover their talents and to become confident in their own forces . 

The bureau opened 8 hours/day for NEETS career face-to face counselling is also open 16 hours on-line by the use of FACEBOOK social network of ASCETIS volunteers . A complete set of facilities including internet access, professional testing of competences and abilities, career guidance and counselling, coaching for individual study is totally functioning and is put at NEETS disposal into ASCETIS working point opened in partnership with Gheorghe Cartianu Technical College and Post Highschool Sanitary School from Piatra Neamt Romania . 

A contest for talented or skilled NEETS was launched during the summer of 2016 and it was promoted in the rural area of Neamt county and in the educational community dedicated to youngsters as well.
http://www.bodesti.ro/promotion in Comuna Bodesti
http://www.comunadochia.ro/promotion in Comuna Dochia 
The services of  on-line counselling for NEETS were continued during the summer.

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